Going Green

     People should be generating less energy and doing more with it, and suppliers and homeowners should take this mission seriously. Here at HomeMax, helping our customer choose products and materials that produce a greener and healthier home, while simultaneously requiring less maintenance and operating costs is one of our duties.

     According to The National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Green Remodeling emphasizes making a home healthy, comfortable and efficient.

The Basic Aspects of Green Remodeling are:
Indoor Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Resource Conservation, Environmentally Safe Products

Green Remodeling can be achieved in small ways like:
Non Toxic Paints and Cleaning Products with no or low VOC that improve your indoor air quality and protect the environment. Quality Insulation and preventing air leaks that commonly occurs around windows and doors. Programmable thermostats for the HVAC System. Energy Star Appliances that can save over $60 a year per appliance. Energy Efficient Windows which can save up to 40% of your monthly energy bills. Use Insulated Siding which can increase the R-value System five times the R-value of conventional sidings, and can lower your energy bills by 20%. Natural Flooring and Energy Efficient Lighting. Insulated hot water pipes. Tankless water heaters. Planting trees which can provide shade and wind protection. Planting native plants.